About Us

Airman USA Corporation was established in Adairsville, Georgia in November, 2014 as a subsidiary of Hokuetsu Industries of Japan.


Hokuetsu Industries has been an air compressor manufacturer for more than 80 years since its foundation in 1938. We have a long track record of clean air energy innovation providing an environmentally-friendly and safe energy source. Our originality and reliability, cultivated over many years, allow our "AIRMAN" products to contribute to the development of society and industry, meeting the needs of a new era with a combination of air, electric, and hydraulic technologies.


We continue to adapt and development new products, designed to save the environment and to minimize energy usage, providing societal and industrial value all over the world.

Hokuetsu Industries


2014 Airman USA Corporation was established in Georgia.
2015 Started operation.
2017 Appointed Alliance North America dba ANA Corp as a distributor for Airman portable compressors and generators in the United States and Canada.